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Behavioral Product Planning

- - posted in bpp, pattern language, xscale

BPP is a pattern language based on BDD that enables a product team to efficiently define, budget and prioritise a roadmap or backlog. It’s also a way to answer some questions Agile has traditionally avoided:

  • How much will a set of features cost?
  • How do we trade off different feature sets?
  • How do we know a feature is ready to ship?

Iroquois Council

- - posted in awareness, enterprise, iroquois, pattern, spotify

A scalable consensus game based on the American indigenous protocol of councils and treaties. Iroquois Councils enable communities and enterprises to make decisions together without deferring to hierarchies of accountable individuals.

The Goose in the Bottle

- - posted in alignment, pattern

There’s an old Zen riddle. Take a gosling and poke it down the neck of an empty saki bottle. Feed it till it’s grown. Now without killing the goose or breaking the bottle, how do you get the goose out of the bottle?

The Seven Samurai

- - posted in coaching, enterprise, pattern

Enterprise Agile is a phrase that’s bandied about a lot. What is it, why would you want it, and how do you get it? The Seven Samurai answers those questions.

Agile: First Contact

- - posted in meta, mission

The first Alliance meeting preceded the famous Snowbird session by almost a year. Sardinia was where Extreme became Agile. We don’t agree on who said it first. It just happened. Nothing was sacred and no one’s ring needed kissing. We were conspirators and this was a revolution.

OAPL: An Open Agile Pattern Language

- - posted in mission, patterns

A key activity in A:TNG is organizing a pattern language to encode the learnings of practitioners. What advantage can such a pattern language offer over the 1st and 2nd generation frameworks? What benefit in a culture where everyone and their dog has Agile certificates? Why are patterns a big deal?